Getting Through It - Paperback Book
Getting Through It - Paperback Book

Getting Through It - Paperback Book

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By Alexandra Chauran  

Reclaim & Rebuild Your Life After Adversity, Change, or Trauma

Heal, Rebuild, and Stay Strong, Even on the Worst Days, with this Inspiring Book's Guidance

Filled with exercises and meditations designed around the Kübler-Ross five stages of grief, this profound book shows you how to work through the worst that life can throw at you. Alexandra Chauran presents personal stories and proven techniques for healing and handling trauma. With her help, you can rebuild your life in the wake of illness, divorce, death, and other trauma-inducing circumstances.

Getting Through It not only supports you in staying positive in the face of difficult times, but also comforts you when positivity is not enough. Alexandra has spent years developing the best strategies for getting through incredible hardships. Discover traditional and alternative methods of healing, how to recover your emotional and physical strength, and ways to find your new normal. This uplifting book gives you the hope and courage to navigate life's greatest challenges.

208 pages

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