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Oakland Series by Rebekah Lee Jenkins - Lady of the Lake
Oakland Series by Rebekah Lee Jenkins - Lady of the Lake
Oakland Series by Rebekah Lee Jenkins - Lady of the Lake
Oakland Series by Rebekah Lee Jenkins - Lady of the Lake

Oakland Series by Rebekah Lee Jenkins

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Oakland Series (3 Books) by Local Author, Rebekah Lee Jenkins of Souris, Manitoba

Captivating women's fiction with a twist of bliss. If you love trailblazing women and historical fiction based on true events… prepare to be swept away by Canada’s first female lawyer- Cora, Battle scarred midwives Shannon and Til, and a teacher with a back bone of steel- Etta…

A Court Of Contempt

  • A Court Of Contempt ~ Book 1

    Fledgling lawyer.

    Notorious crime boss.

    Two will go to court—one will walk out.

    Cora has battled hard to be Canada’s first female lawyer.

    Desperate to destroy her career, the law society conspires to hand her an impossible case—represent Adeline Pitman in divorce court.

    Cora knows two things Adeline doesn’t. In 1904, Canadian Courts allow a husband to keep a mistress with impunity.  Adeline’s husband, crime boss Eli Pitman, kills anyone who dares to cross him.

    Presented with an impossible choice, Cora must abandon her career and run to safety or take her stand and go to war with a dangerous man.

    Her choice will affect a nation.

The Night They Came For Til

  • The Night They Came For Til ~ Book 2

    Battle scarred midwife.

    Suspicious miscarriages.

    Treachery and deceit lurk under the surface...

    Midwife Shannon Stone suffers a brutal attack when the women’s clinic she works for in London, England is burned to the ground.

    Her Uncle sends her to Canada where she will be safe.

    He is wrong.

    Within hours of arriving in Oakland, Manitoba Shannon realizes the innocent life of Lady Harper’s baby is in jeopardy. 

    As Shannon scrambles to gather evidence to protect the child - shocking betrayals come to light.

    Lady Harper’s baby is not the only life on the line.

    Shannon’s battle has just begun.

Taking Til

  • Taking Til ~ Book 3
    Nora Blackburn is kidnapped, twelve girls are stolen, and the head of the Bristol Butchers is murdered, Detective Asher Grayson has one suspect— Doctor Til Stone.When Til clawed her way out of the East End slums of London in 1881, she betrayed members of the Bristol Butchers, making powerful enemies with long memories.As Detective Asher Grayson pieces the crimes together, he forces Til to make a devastating choice— abandon her career and go into hiding, or face the Bristol Butchers and battle them in the streets that nearly destroyed her.

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