Crafty Llama (Children's Book) - Lady of the Lake
Crafty Llama (Children's Book) - Lady of the Lake

Crafty Llama - Hardcover Book

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By Mike Kerr and Renata Liwska

Llama loves to make things. It doesn't matter what, really--something special, something lovely.

Beaver loves to make things, too. But he likes things to be useful.

On this lovely day, Llama is inspired. She is having fun making things, like gifts for her friends. And soon many of her friends are inspired right along with her. But Beaver needs to think about what Llama and the other animals are making. What useful thing can he do with this day?

With lots of craftiness and fun, this is a delightful story about how something lovely can be useful, too, and how the best gifts are the ones that bring us together.

32 pages