Guardian Angels - Paperback Book

Guardian Angels - Paperback Book

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By Richard Webster

How to Contact & Work with Angelic Protectors

Meet Your Closest Friend and Ally: Your Guardian Angel
You are never truly alone because your very own guardian angel walks beside you wherever you go, surrounding you with unconditional love. Drawing on research from Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, bestselling author Richard Webster teaches you how to communicate with your angel through meditations, crystals, rituals, prayers, visualizations, and more. He covers how to ask for guidance, protection, and spiritual aid as well as how to work with your celestial supporter to heal yourself, let go of negative emotions, and improve your self-esteem. Explore the history of these spiritual beings and discover stories of people who regularly communicated with their angels, such as Socrates and Lorna Byrne. With Richard's guidance, you will learn everything you need to know about these radiant personal protectors and strengthen your connection to your everlasting companion.

200 pages