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Love Coupons: A Coupon Gift of Love and Romance - Lady of the Lake

Love Coupons: A Coupon Gift Of Love & Romance

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With 22 romantic, special gifts for your lover, Love Coupons is the perfect coupon book for Valentine's Day, or a unique gift for anytime to say, I Love You."

•- With this coupon, you get a non-stop body kiss from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.
•- Present this coupon any time you want me to drop everything and make love to you.
- Redeem this coupon for a day of your favorite things, from sunup to sundown, from breakfast in bed to dancing the night away.
-• A cuddle coupon. Good for 2 hours of cuddling with the coupon-issuer in one of the following locations: in front of a roaring fire, on a porch swing, on a cozy couch or in a bed. TV is prohibited. Radio is permitted.
•- This coupon is redeemable for one bottle of fine wine. Also included: one romantic setting in which to enjoy the wine