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Prairie Sunset, A Story Of Change - Hardcover Book

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By Dion Manastyrski

Dion Manastyrski grew up on a small family farm in Saskatchewan, on a homestead that was built by his grandparents. He left the farm after high school, and the farm was sold, but he returns to visit whenever he can.

In 2003 he began work on a project to photograph abandoned homesteads and other artifacts left behind from an earlier time, when the small family farm was at the heart of rural life on the prairies: neighbours within walking distance, vibrant small towns, and a rich sense of community.

He also interviewed over 70 people, and asked, "What can you tell me about rural life several decades ago, and about how things have changed?" The book is loaded with personal, often heartfelt anecdotes about many aspects of life beginning in the pioneer years, and covering a span of about 100 years. Within their words, the book also raises questions about what has been lost or gained during the rapid change.

After eight road trips across the prairies, this book was completed in 2015. Printed and bound with premium materials at Friesens in Manitoba, the book's 240 pages contain over 100 photos by the author, 50 historical photos from archives, and the words of about 70 people he interviewed.

The author describes, "In my search for understanding as I roamed the homesteads of a vanishing era, I photographed the abandoned structures, and talked to people of the prairies. Collectively, they have a remarkable story to tell, and I would like to share this with you."

Dion Manastyrski has a B. Sc. in Biology, and has been photographing professionally for over 20 years. He has lived in the three prairie provinces, and now resides in Victoria, British Columbia.Di