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Preston - Masai All Over Soap

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This is soap, but the very best. Loaded with premium moisturizers and essential oils, this multi-purpose bar gives you a proper wash without drying out your skin. Our soap is made with plant-based oils and cleansers, and is sulfate-free and non-toxic.

Fragrance: Masai

Description: African Cedarwood

5.25oz | 145ml


Remember when manners made the man. When knights were men of action, not just men of means. When good grooming was a sign of self-respect, not self-obsession.

Preston is a fine purveyor of grooming goods for modern gentlemen. Our products look posh, but fight dirty so that you can keep clean, and smell as good as you look. With Preston by your side, you can give your face, beard, and body the top shelf ingredients they crave.