Radius Studs - Howlite & Lapis Lazuli - Lady of the Lake

Radius Stud Earrings - Howlite & Lapis Lazuli

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Radius Stud Earrings made with natural howlite & lapis lazuli

Available in gold & silver:
Gold - 10-14 K gold plating 
Silver - Sterling silver plating

Howlite - A calming stone used to reduce anxiety, tensions & stress; calming and soothing emotions. An aid to insomnia, especially when caused by an overactive mind. Howlite balances calcium levels in the body. It aids teeth, bones and soft tissue. Helpful in cases of osteoporosis.

Lapis Lazuli is one of the most sought after stones in use since man's history began. Its deep, celestial blue remains the symbol of royalty and honor, gods and power, spirit and vision. It is a universal symbol of wisdom and truth.

Glee Jewelry

Glee Jewelry is created in beautiful Victoria, BC. All of the metals used in Glee’s designs are plated with a high quality electro plating. All of the Metals are completely hypoallergenic as they are nickel and lead free.