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Smokin' BBQ Style Gourmet Mustard - Lady of the Lake

Smokin' BBQ Style Gourmet Mustard

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This boisterous, brawny BBQ mustard is bold, smokey and will do ALL the heavy lifting on the grill. This sauce is jam-packed with flavour and will make your grilled meats sing!

Gravelbourg Mustard - Made in Saskatchewan 


Gravelburg Mustard

Established in 2008, Gravelbourg Mustard has taken the Canadian market by storm. Locally owned and operated, Gravelbourg Mustard produces the finest gourmet mustard products in Saskatchewan.

Specializing in European style mustards, our popular line of gourmet products is continually expanding to include nine flavours of mustard, dry rub, dressings and dry mustard and mustard seeds. With a passion for food and making every day a little more gourmet, we are always looking for new ways to show you how to use our mustard - like the Cranberry Mustard Martini we created for the Dragon's on the Dragon's Den in late 2017.