Pure Goat - Face Wipes

Pure Goat - Face Wipes

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With a pack of our Goat Milk Wipes in your purse (or suitcase, or glove compartment, or wherever), you can clean up anytime, no matter how far away you are from running water. Goat milk, cucumber, and aloe are long proven to be great for your skin, and CoQ10 is a fancy name for a natural antioxidant.

These wipes are the perfect first step to any cleansing routine because of how gentle they are on skin
Gentle for all skin types, wipes are fragrance free and biodegradable

Wipes are 6oz. 
Face wipes come in a 30 count.

Beekman's Goat Milk

Beekman 1802 goat milk skin care products are inspired by the mineral rich waters of Sharon Springs, Common, NY. Our goats drink these waters, making their milk especially nourishing.

Goat milk is naturally conditioning and our skin loves to drink it up. Gentle and moisturizing, it's great for our skin because we share a pH balance in common with goats.


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