I Will Love You Until - Paperback Book

I Will Love You Until - Paperback Book

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By Marjorie A Howatt

I Will Love You Until is a sweet children’s picture book appropriate for readers ages 0 – 5, both for small children being read to and for young readers learning to read independently. Written by debut author Marjorie A. Howatt, I Will Love You Until shares the unyielding love of a grandparent for a grandchild. The story depicts love as naturally as the instincts of the creatures within its pages and as everlasting as we know it to be. For the storyteller to love the child they are reading to is as second nature to them as it is for a fish to swim underwater, and that their love will endure long after their body no longer does. I Will Love You Until can be read by a parent, guardian, grandparent, or any form of loved one to the children in their lives, spreading the key message that every child is loved by someone.

28 pages

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