Amethyst Crystal Tower

Amethyst Crystal Tower - Stone of Spiritual Protection

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Amethyst Point / Amethyst Tower

Height: 4.5"

✨Tranquility & Calm
✨Soothing Emotional Pain & Stress
✨Balance Emotions
✨Connecting to the Universe

⭐Zodiac – Aquarius.
⭐Birthstone – February.
⭐Anniversary – Gift for 6th or 33rd Anniversary.
⭐Chakra – Third Eye, Crown.
⭐Best Working With – Clear Quartz, Citrine.
⭐Mohs Hardness – 7
⭐Not Sun Safe.

The word amethyst comes from the Greek word “amethystos”, meaning “not drunk”. The ancient Greeks and Romans believe that amethyst can ward off drunkenness and intoxication. It is also a protective talisman against disease, physical dander, sorcery, and defeat in battle. In ancient Egypt, people wore amethyst amulets for prayer and protection against evil.


Amethyst symbolizes protection against any form of harm. The stone can help you process sadness and grief, helping you to find peace of mind. Amethyst can also capture your dreams and help you to hold onto them long after you awaken. It is also known to be a claiming meditative aid stone.

Physical Healing
Eliminate migraines, improve the immune system, aid sleep disorders, and regain sobriety.

Emotional Healing
Soothing pain and stress, balancing emotion.

Chakra Healing
Third eye chakra – reawaken your intuition.

Crown chakra – spiritual enlightenment and self-divinity.