Beeswax Tea-Light Candles - Pack of 6
Beeswax Tea-Light Candles - Pack of 6
Beeswax Tea-Light Candles - Pack of 6

Beeswax Tea-Light Candles - Pack of 6

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These beeswax candles are made on Raven Creek Farm using 100% beeswax and the finest European cotton-braided wick. These tea-light candles are all poured in small batches. They burn long and evenly with a soft glow that's soothing and relaxing.

Beeswax candles are a sustainable product that is also a truly beautiful product of nature.

Raven Creek Farm ~ Oakburn, Manitoba

Package of 6 tea-lights

Raven Creek Farm

In the hive, the honey bee produces some of the purest products still available on this earth.

With this knowledge, Roger and Cathy Desilets have been "keeping the bees" for over forty years in the beautiful Riding Mountains of Manitoba, producing a premium raw honey from mainly organic crops of alfalfa and wild flowers on their small family apiary.

Their steadfast dedication to quality and care for both their customers and the bees has given rise to a multi-product business centered around the pure, healthful and healing products of the hive.

From their sweetly aromatic hand-dipped beeswax candles to their nourishing natural skin care line using various healing products from the hive, along with
their delicious raw honey, all of their offerings are a testament to the wisdom of the bees.

Always crafted with love, their hope is that their products will bring a little sweetness to your life.