Best Served Cold - Bootleggers' Chronicles, Book 3 - Paperback Book

Best Served Cold - Bootleggers' Chronicles, Book 3 - Paperback Book

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By Sherilyn Decter

She's still out for justice. A rival vies for his crown. On the dark city streets, no one stays on top for good…

Philadelphia, 1926. Maggie Barnes keeps getting one step closer to putting bootlegger Mickey Duffy behind bars. The next hurdle for her and the ghostly cop by her side is an unreliable and unstable witness. But to finally achieve her goal of justice, she may just have to team up with her enemy's greatest rival.

Mickey Duffy is struggling to hold his underworld empire together. As he fights off small-time bootleggers and his own growing demons, the Baileys make a move to take over his turf. When an assassination attempt on Mickey just misses the mark, he vows to fight back with devastating consequences.

With bullets flying in both directions, can Maggie survive to put Mickey behind bars or will she be caught in the crossfire?

Best Served Cold is the third book in the Bootleggers’ Chronicles series of historical mysteries. If you like street-savvy heroines, complex cover-ups, and 1920s crime stories, then you'll love Sherilyn Decter’s grand gangster tale.
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