Boss Babe - Natural Coconut & Apricot Wax Candle
Boss Babe - Natural Coconut & Apricot Wax Candle

Boss Babe - Natural Coconut & Apricot Wax Candle

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Boss Babe - Smells like someone works harder than an ugly stripper.

Citrus rind and warming spices are muddled together for a sophisticated celebratory cocktail.

Hand Poured - Natural Coconut & Apricot Wax with a premium wooden wick.



Not Just Your Everyday Candle!

Ok we get it... you may have to turn the candle around when the mother-in-law comes but it is made with superior ingredients sourced world wide (not kidding... world wide)! Our luxurious Coco Apricot Crème container candle wax is a vegan blend of natural apricot and coconut, and a minuscule amount of highly refined food-grade paraffin wax. It has a creamy white appearance and provides an excellent fragrance throw (both warm and cold). It exhibits an evenness of burn and wax consumption. These candles will burn approx 70-80 hours if put in a draft free location and burning for a maximum of 4 hours at a time. Although is is the most expensive and most luxurious wax on the market... we think you're worth it! It is gluten free, toxin free, paraben free, phthalate free, and come from renewable sources. The entire blend utilizes only FDA approved waxes.

We also use a premium wooden wicks these wicks are made from sappy fruit trees and manufactured with great pride (and skill) in the USA. These wicks unlike more common cotton wicks provide a beautiful clean flame with a soft crackling sound with no "mushrooming" of the wick.

The fabulous scents you will find in our candles are professional grade and have been had selected to ensure that there is a fragrance for everyone! You have a choice of floral, musk, fruit, fresh and woody. Chances are you will buy the candle for the label but you will come back for the quality.