Chicken Little, Come Out. The Sky Is NOT Falling! - Hardcover Book

Chicken Little, Come Out. The Sky Is NOT Falling! - Hardcover Book

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By Dr. Michelle Winchester Vega

Helping Children Express and Cope with Their Anxiety - Hardcover

Calm Your Child's Fear and Anxiety with Chicken LittleThis new take on the children's classic Chicken Little is designed to help children identify and normalize their worries, fears, and anxieties and encourage mental health awareness and strategies for improved coping.

There are a few new mental health advocates in the barn filled with fun farm animals. There's a barn full of Chicken Little characters, but they don't want to come out. It's scary out there and they fear that the sky is falling! However, with a lot of teamwork and a little help from Chicken Little, together they can calm their fears and phobias. All they need are the right behavioral stress reduction tools!

Mental health for kids. Chicken Little is confronting common fears and helping children with anxiety in a charming way. Using beautifully illustrated, relatable farm animals from the Chicken Little story, Psychiatric Social Worker, Dr. Winchester-Vega offers ways to manage and normalize children's mental health and foster conversation and understanding. Inside, find coping skills, strategies, and two bonus resources for parents, educators and caregivers working with children with scared feelings.

64 pages