Citrine Torch for lighting your own fire

Citrine Torch for lighting your own fire

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Citrine is the Prosperity Stone. Known for promoting confidence and used for manifesting prosperity. Associated with Solar Plexus chakra

These Citrine torches is an uplifting, happy stone, helping with lighting up your own personal power and inner light. It is also a crystal to attract wealth so is good placed in your prosperity corner, wallet or cash box.

Citrine crystal (AKA "Golden Amethyst") is a powerful tool for building confidence, overcoming challenges and building mental toughness. It’s also commonly used for manifestation making it a stone which quite literally makes your dreams come true. Make no mistake, the gemstone amplifies intentions, so you’ll need to incorporate rituals, meditations, grids or other practices to harness the gemstone’s properties. In business, citrine is often gifted to business partners, employers and colleagues earning the crystal the unofficial title of” The Merchant’s Stone”. Its stimulating energy helps jolt the body, mind and spirit into a more vitalized state.

Dimension: approx. 5.25" x 1.5" x 1"
Weight: 166 g
Chakra Influence: Sacral, Crown And Solar Plexus Chakra


How Citrine Can Help

You’ve been struggling with low self esteem

One of citrine’s most prized properties is its ability to build or often simply bring forth confidence. Through meditation, rituals and clear intentions citrine is able to manifest powerful positive energy within us, often lying dormant waiting for us to tap into it. For these qualities, citrine is an excellent tool for self care and growth. Citrine stone has been used for overcoming insecurities while putting perceived shortcomings into perspective. It’s natural light and abundant energy lifts the spirits in ways few other crystals can.

You’re in a emotional rut and have a lack of clarity

While the eb and flow of our emotions is a natural aspect of our lives, sometimes we can become stuck in a place where we feel lost, tired and without a sense of direction. By using citrine to channel our chaotic energy into a more constructive form, we can lift the haze that holds us down like sunshine beaming onto fog. Citrine provides clarity and purpose and can thrust us from lethargic and lazy routine into much healthier habits and states of mind. While the stone’s energizing energy is potent, it needs to be channelled through intention. The practices discussed below provided several concrete ways to do this.

You’re preparing for a new pursuit

Whether it be a new business, a budding family or exciting home project, we can sometimes become paralyzed when faced with large and novel challenges. An overload of pressure and uncertainty can become too heavy a weight to manage all at once. As a result, we shrink and can avoid tackling the situation with full force and with our chins up as we should. Citrine crystal can give that extra boost of optimism and a kick in the butt that gets the wheels moving. As no doubt we’ve all experienced, the first steps of the journey are often the hardest. Meditating with citrine will help with this step and ensure you keep your eyes on the prize.