Cold Smoked Olive Oil
Cold Smoked Olive Oil

Cold Smoked Olive Oil

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This Spanish Arbequina gets hit with a blast of hickory cold smoke to bring you this truly unique extra virgin olive oil. The aroma and taste of this oil impart wonderful creamy smokiness. Deliciously versatile, it is a fantastic complement to meats and vegetables. Drizzle over everything from chops to grilled vegetables, seafood, baked beans and even eggs! This is a fun olive oil to experiment with.

Vinegar Pairings: Bourbon Maple, Cherry

- Add to barbecue sauces, chilli, or use in corn salad
- Marinate beef or chicken with Cherry, Espresso or Honey Pepper
- Try in a grilled chicken and pasta salad
- Use as a vegan alternative to bacon in recipes, like Caesar salad or pasta carbonara