Eye Of The Storm - Rum Runners' Chronicles - Book 3 - Lady of the Lake

Eye Of The Storm - Rum Runners' Chronicles, Book 3 - Paperback Book

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By Sherilyn Decter

Her illicit empire is growing. But it isn’t the police this rum mistress fears most…

Florida Coast, 1933. Edith Duffy is determined to fortify her business to protect those she loves. And a liquor partnership with powerful women is exactly what she needs for trade domination. But she couldn’t have prepared for the white-hot rage still boiling in the local preacher’s heart.

With Prohibition’s days numbered, Edith is desperate to secure above-board revenue for the family she’s built. But one misstep could see her religion-wielding adversary’s animosity turn deadly.

Will Edith survive a bitter man’s seething hatred and reinvent herself on the right side of the law?

Eye of the Storm is the thrilling conclusion to The Rum Runners' Chronicles, a fast-paced historical women’s fiction trilogy. If you like female empowerment, heartrending conflict, and vivid Depression-era settings, then you’ll love Sherilyn Decter’s grand-slam finale.