Fire & Ice Quartz Crystal Tower
Fire & Ice Quartz Crystal Tower

Fire & Ice Quartz Crystal Tower

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Fire and Ice quartz is also known as Rainbow Quartz or Crackle Quartz.

Fire and Ice quartz is created by plunging intensely heated quartz into cold water. The process produces this remarkable crackled quartz filled with rainbows.

Breathtakingly stunning, this Fire & Ice Quartz Crystal Tower catches the light and dazzles the eye. It encourages light, healing, and uplifting energy.

  • Remove limited beliefs
  • Open up all the chakras
  • Enhance your meditation and spiritual practices
  • See new possibilities

This is a stone of transformation and manifestation. It clears away negative energy to allow you to focus on your intentions and desires. Use it to support your affirmations and visualizations.

Keep this crystal near you while you set goals for your day or week and envision each new month and year. It will help to protect your goals and dreams.

Fire & Ice Quartz is associated with the Crown Chakra and spiritual practices. It is beneficial for meditation and prayer, promotes clear thinking, wisdom, and higher consciousness.

Dimension: approx. 2" x 1.5"
Weight: 152 g