Hungry For Happiness - Paperback Book

Hungry For Happiness - Paperback Book

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BSamantha Skelly

Revised and Updated: Stop Emotional Eating & Start Loving Yourself

Stop listening to the diet industry and start listening to your own body! Join thousands of women in the Hungry for Happiness movement. Address the root causes of emotional eating through meditation, breathwork, and lessons from author's personal journey to end the diet cycle once and for all. NOW IN PAPERBACK!

With a foreword by Lisa Nichols, New York Times best-selling author of No Matter What!

You know it in your heart: it's time to break free of the cycle of emotional eating-from calorie restriction and bingeing-to become who you were designed to be. It's time to stop using food to numb your pain and begin listening inward to your body's wisdom, to your highest self. Reconnect with your intuition, embrace your body, and heal your relationship with food with this practical and heart-centered guide-now completely revised and updated.

Inspired by her personal journey from struggling dieter to self-love activist, Samantha Skelly's Hungry for Happiness workshops have helped thousands of women end their battles with emotional eating. This book is filled with her relatable stories paired with journal exercises, mindset-shifts, meditations, and breathwork practices designed to help you map your personal path toward feeling whole, healed, and happy.

257 pages