In The Company of Men (Lemon Sugar Series Book 1) - Lady of the Lake

In The Company of Men (Lemon Sugar Series Book 1)

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by Rebekah Lee Jenkins

Battle lines are drawn.

The river is rising.

Sparks are flying as Oakland searches for a missing teacher, Mrs. Ellice.
The Great War is over and Etta Lynne is left destitute with a sick mother and a pregnant widowed sister.

With the weight of responsibility crushing her, she is desperate for the one teaching position available in Oakland, Manitoba.

Mayor Jackson Nash is tired of teachers leaving Oakland in a flood of tears, or worse— disappearing without a trace. He insists the School Board hire a soldier so that men can resume their work and women can go back to their kitchens— forthwith!

As Etta battles for a chance at the job, shocking concerns come to light during the interview. What happened to the previous teacher, Mrs. Ellice? Women don’t just disappear without a trace.

Etta is convinced one of the board members murdered Mrs. Ellice, but Etta can’t back down and she doesn’t have the luxury of fear...