Lavender Bloom - Hand & Body Wash

Lavender Bloom - Hand & Body Wash

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Lavender Bloom Hand & Body Wash is a 100% natural olive oil-based liquid soap. Lavender essential oil boasts aroma-therapeutic properties, aiding in relaxation and providing a sense of serenity. Place by your sink to use as hand soap or bring it into the shower for a relaxing body wash.

Wild Prairie Soap Company

Wild Prairie Soap Company believes that taking care of your skin shouldn't be complicated. For 20 years, the Edmonton-based Soaperie has used natural ingredients to create the finest cold process soap, bath and personal care products. 

Their soap is 100% plant-based, cruelty-free, and free of preservatives, sulphates and parabens. They incorporate 50% olive oil into every bar to add extra moisture and nourishment to the skin without sacrificing lather.