Renew Loose Leaf 'Pluck' Tea

Renew Loose Leaf 'Pluck' Tea

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Harness the power of chaga mushrooms (ours are sustainably sourced from the pristine Boreal forests of BC) in this turmeric and chai-spiced blend that’s delicious on it's own, or served up as a delicious chaga chai latte.

This adaptogenic tea is anti-inflammatory, high anti-oxidant, and an effective tummy settler.

100% Natural Ingredients, Blended and Packed in Canada:
Chaga, Turmeric, Cinnamon, Cacao Shells, Ginger Root, Cardamom, Star Anise, Black Pepper, Whole Cloves

Pluck Tea Company 

Pluck is not your grandmother’s tea company. The founder and tea sommelier travels the world sourcing premium tea leaves from sustainable sources, and then adds unique local (Canadian) ingredients like Prince Edward County Lavender, Muskoka cranberries, blueberries, and grape skins from Southbrook Vineyards in Niagara. The result: one-of-a-kind premium teas that offer a truly unique and delicious taste of place. Today, Pluck is known as a leading source for premium tea in Toronto.