Ruby Zoisite Point
Ruby Zoisite Point

Ruby Zoisite Point

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A chunk of pink or red, surrounded by green and speckled with black Ruby Zoisite looks like a stretch of roses in the middle of a forest. Also known as Anyolite, Ruby Zoisite gemstone is a combination of minerals that add stunning colors. Ruby Zoisite is believed to be a powerful spiritual stone.

The combination of magenta Ruby and Green Zoisite in this crystal strongly pulsates with the Anahata Chakra or Heart Chakra. The force and vitality in this stone are almost palpable and it improves your confidence level besides boosting your inner strength. Another unique feature of this stone is its power to enhance astral projection, i.e., it can help your spirit travel to distant places.

size 7 x 2 cm

size 7 x 4 cm