Storm Surge - Rum Runners' Chronicles, Book 2 - Paperback Book

Storm Surge - Rum Runners' Chronicles, Book 2 - Paperback Book

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By Sherilyn Decter

When someone wants to hurt you, they’ll come for the thing that matters most.

Florida Coast, 1932. Edith Duffy intends to show her gloating enemies a woman can make it in a man’s world. Risen from the ashes of her embattled rum-running operation, her new saloon is thriving thanks to a smuggling partner in the Bahamas. But her success has enraged the conniving town preacher…

With the boy Edith’s affectionately taken on as a ward, her heart’s left vulnerable to deceit. And when a flock of busybody “child protectors” start squawking, the sinister pastor strikes a devastating blow.

Will Edith sacrifice her ambitious plans to protect those she’s come to love?

Storm Surge is the second book in the Rum Runners’ Chronicles, a gripping historical women’s fiction trilogy. If you like strong female characters, temperance-battling settings, and unlikely friendships, then you’ll relish Sherilyn Decter’s compelling tale.