Sunshine In A Bottle Blyss Series Book 1
Sunshine In A Bottle Blyss Series Book 1

Sunshine In A Bottle (Blyss Series Book 1) - Paperback Book

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By Carolyn Finch

Indi Blyss ran away from her dysfunctional mother at fifteen years old.

Crippling guilt? Yup.

Up until now, she has happily drowned out her less-than-pleasant emotions with hot, cheesy carbohydrates and icy cold Sauvignon Blanc.

Now, her mother has passed away, and veteran hairstylist and successful salon owner, Indi, stands to inherit a wellness clinic worth millions of dollars.

The catch?

Indi has to run the clinic for six months and submit to a wellness journey outlined by her late mother.

Her crazy, train-wreck-wrapped-in-a-timebomb—mom.

Indi intends to sign over her rights when her life takes a turn for the worst.

What if getting well physically is only half the battle?

The team at Salt and Citrus Wellness Clinic are ready to fix Indi—whether she agrees to it or not.

310 pages