Tumbled Emerald
Tumbled Emerald
Tumbled Emerald

Emerald - Tumbled

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This emerald tumbled stone is the stone of successful love. It helps with domestic bliss, loyalty, and enhances partnership and friendship. Emerald helps to open the heart, it has calming effect on emotions. This stone helps with recovery after infectious illness, improves vision, and detoxifies the liver.

Emerald promotes friendship and unconditional love. It enhances relationships on all levels by keeping relationships in harmony. Emerald transmutes negativity into positive action.
Emerald opens your heart chakra and helps to calm your emotions. This is a wisdom stone which helps you to discern truth and to express yourself eloquently. It also helps to bring to the surface what is innately known. This is a good stone for group work, as it stimulates cooperation.

 Approx. 1" - 1.5"+

Sold separately. Sizes and colours will vary.