Vista - Paperback - Lady of the Lake
Vista - Paperback - Lady of the Lake

Vista Spiritus Sancti - Paperback Book

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by Lenora Buffi

Ariana Santino is a young violin prodigy when she is first haunted by frightening dreams of a woman living in the nineteenth century. When she turns eighteen, the dreams stop, leading her to believe they are finally over.

Seven years later, after she lands a full-time job with the Reno Philharmonic, Ariana's life is blissfully normal--until she experiences a vision in the middle of a concert. Alarmed, she begins a search to discover the story behind the woman in her dreams. But as her sanity slowly starts to unravel, a desperate Ariana turns to her former violin teacher, Hector Arguello, for answers. When she learns there is another life, another violinist, tied to her own, Ariana is led on a gripping journey from the casinos of Reno to the jungles of the Yucatan where she learns the past has a direct link to the present--and a mystery deeper than anything she could have ever imagined.

In this gripping tale, a violin prodigy embarks on a dangerous quest to find the enigmatic woman who haunts her dreams--a quest that leads her to a startling truth.

470 pages