Watch Your Back - Bootleggers' Chronicles, Book 4 - Paperback Book

Watch Your Back - Bootleggers' Chronicles, Book 4 - Paperback Book

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By Sherilyn Decter

A mother's dilemma. A crime boss and his crumbling mind. Will she make him an offer he can't refuse?

Philadelphia, 1928. Maggie Barnes has a growing gangster problem. Her recently beaten-up son just accepted a job with the town’s most notorious criminal. Now she’s torn between accepting the crook’s city-wide protection offer, or putting the violent racketeer behind bars.

Mickey Duffy ignores the rumors that his sanity is failing, choosing to relieve his paranoia with heavy-handed violence. But as he awaits word of a critical mob boss meeting, he discovers that someone stole the records of his secret accounts. Now his only way to avoid jail might be a deal with the woman who’s always wanted him locked up.

With a Grand Jury investigation looming, Maggie’s insider information puts her directly in the line of fire. Can she keep her son safe without joining the devil and dooming the city she loves

Watch Your Back is the fourth novel in the Bootleggers’ Chronicles series of gripping historical mysteries. If you like Prohibition-era lawlessness, determined heroines, and crime bosses gone crazy, then you’ll love Sherilyn Decter’s mobster exploits.
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