Youngest Son Beekeeping - Spun Honey

Youngest Son Beekeeping - Spun Honey

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This honey is 100 % pure and natural Manitoba Honey and is not pasteurized. Spun Honey is pure raw honey that has been crystalized into a silky smooth texture making it easy to spread on toast or muffins or stirred into coffee or tea. Spun honey is thicker than regular honey and has a consistency more like butter.

Made in the Manitoba Prairies

Small: 400g
Large: 800g

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Youngest Son Beekeeping

My name is Dale Lewis and I have been lucky enough to grow up around bees my entire life. I grew up with the smell of a smoker and trays of queen cages piping softly under a tea towel in the bathroom. I live with my wife Chelsea and my two year old daughter Scotty in MacGregor, Manitoba. My family owns and operates Lewis & Sons Ent. A beekeeping and equipment manufacturing business in Austin, Manitoba. My Dad, Murray, started beekeeping before I was born. As soon as my older brother Adam and I were old enough we were out helping Dad in the bee yard. Since then Adam has grown the business to over 1000 producer hives and year round equipment manufacturing. Not until recently did I fully appreciate how unique this upbringing was. Talking to new beekeepers and seeing how difficult it is to start at square one or how interested most people become after they ask “What do you do for a living?” I realized how lucky I am and how much I can share.